Las Vegas Medicine Plant Cannabis Webinar

This free learning session (online webinar) will inform and educate you about how to use the medicine plant, cannabis. The running time is about 13 minutes. What you will learn in this webinar is how you can buy and use legal cannabis products to manage your physical and emotional pain and suffering without getting buzzed or feeling high.

This webinar is relevant wherever legal cannabis is sold. Anyone who is at least age 21 will learn lesser-known facts and best practices about the many medicinal values of legal cannabis products. If you are in the age 50+ demographic--currently underserved by the cannabis industry--you are especially welcome to this webinar.

Your host is Dr. Woody Goulart. This webinar is part of his online coaching  which draws upon the very essence of this world-class city where innovators and innovations flourish. In this unique style of coaching you will find all of these outcomes found in Las Vegas--a winning mindset; short-term commitments only; a sense of humor and fun; affordable low cost but very high value; and, very clear outcomes and real life results.

Dr. Goulart also has professional experience in classroom and online education along with a managerial background in corporate communications in business. He is experienced using legal cannabis products in Nevada for relief of medical concerns we all face as we grow older.

Together We Will Learn About Medical Marijuana!

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